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Miami to the Keys
The Keys to Miami
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The Florida Keys Road Trip

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The Florida Keys Road Trip travelogue contains narrated history, attractions, points of interests, "Keys" lifestyles, and local musicians playing original "Keys" music by mile markers. The markers are the key to informing you where you are and what's ahead, so you are able to plan stops along the way.

A trip up or down Route U.S. 1 through The Florida Keys is one of the most scenic drives in the United States! The 126 miles of U.S. 1 between Miami and Key West is full of first time travelers enjoying the unparalleled sights. Crossing the countless bridges over sparkling blue-green ocean waters that connect the many tiny islands and quaint fishing villages. You will remember the Florida Keys Road Trip for the rest of your life! Marvel at the engineering skills of one hundred year old railroad bridges and the multiple species of birds floating on the cooling Atlantic breezes on one side, while the Gulf of Mexico begs your exploration on the other. Revel in the memories of your Florida Keys Road Trip any time you are feeling lonely for the soothing "Keys" lifestyle!

Two different sets of the Florida Keys Road Trip are available. One is Key West to Miami, the other is Miami to Key West.

Ordering your own copy is easy! Order a copy from this website or call 305-587-0202 to get it by mail.

Forbes says the Florida Keys trip is “among the nations most fun and scenic road-trip destinations”. Forbes also marks US 1 recent designation as an All American Highway, So why not make it educational and entertaining as well! Get your copy today so your "Keys" vacation will be the one to re-live over and over!

To help you better plan your trip, would like to invite you to visit some of our favorite places in the keys.

Florida Keys Road Trip
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